George Kinnon and Shenaz Drury

George Kinnon, along with his wife Usha (b1937-d2012) adopted three babies from India in the 1970s. George was born of Scottish parents in Edinburgh just after the outbreak of World War Two. He grew up in the London area with his older brother. His father died when George was 12 yrs old. After completing a degree at St. Andrews University, George qualified as a Chartered Accountant and had a long career with various companies. His wife, Usha, of Indian origin, grew up there, and was awarded a degree from the University of Calcutta. She made the decision to train in Social Work in the UK. George and Usha met in London and were married in 1968. After being unable to have their own children, they were approved to adopt in the UK. They were told, however, that it would probably be 3 to 5 years before they would be matched with a baby. They chose to adopt from India, with assistance from Usha’s sister who was living in Bombay.
Shenaz Drury, born in 1972, is the elder adopted daughter of George and Usha Kinnon. She joined her adoptive parents and came to the UK at the age of 4 months.
Shenaz is married to Chris who is white British from Irish heritage. After learning that they would be unable to have children naturally, they chose adoption to create their family. With the connection which Shenaz has with India, they decided to adopt young children from India and now have two teenage daughters aged 17 and 13. Being an adoptive parent has given Shenaz the opportunity to understand the challenges associated with early life trauma and insecure attachments. Her life has been enriched by her children and through them and her siblings has learned so much about the complexities of adoption.
In her professional work Shenaz is trained as a careers guidance advisor and works in a local secondary school. She also sits on the adoption panel for CoramIAC as an independent member. She regularly shares her story to prospective adopters and co facilitates 2 courses for CoramIAC.