Rodrigo van Rutte

Switched as a baby – Switched by life.

Rodrigo was adopted as a baby from Colombia by Dutch parents who had two children of their own. As a child Rodrigo already knew that he was adopted.

After meeting his Colombian mother for the first time, his intuition said that it was not his Colombian family. He was able to confirm this suspicion with a DNA test.

Eventually he found out, with the support of his Dutch parents, that he had been switched with another baby who was also adopted by a Dutch family. The other baby was born one day before his birthday in the same children’s house in Colombia. Both babies came to the Netherlands together on the same flight where they were picked up at the airport by their Dutch parents.

Can you imagine finding out you were switched as a baby? That you have had your identity switched? That the name and date of birth that is now in your passport is not yours because you have been switched? Because you were switched, you should have been adopted by another Dutch family?

That’s why Rodrigo always says that every adoptee has their own story and truth. Once adopted, always adopted. By being open to his adoption feelings and talking about them, he has learned to deal with them, share his story and present it to interested parties.

In addition to his work as a social worker, he is involved in adoption by interviewing adoptees for the magazine Wereldkinderen. He has participated several times in family/adoption constellations. In his spare time he speaks and meets different adoptees to share the adoption feelings that they blindly understand from each other.